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We are a graphic design studio specializing in book cover design. We help self-publishing authors create compelling and visually striking book covers that effectively communicate their stories while also capturing the attention of potential readers. In our 12+ years in this field, we worked with traditional big publishing houses, smaller independent publishers, and self-publishing authors that have become our main focus in recent years. Our philosophy is that self-publishing authors deserve book covers that are visually competitive when compared to those of big publishing houses. That is how we approach every project.
Services: Custom Book Cover Design, Social Media Marketing Content, Book Landing Page
Other Genres: Non-Fiction, Biography, Poetry and Memoirs, Popular Science, Women’s Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller
Typical Availability: 1 to 3 months

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  • Historical Romance
  • Mystery & Psych Thriller
  • Poetry & Memoirs
  • Women’s Fiction
  • YA Fantasy

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FROM AWARD-WINNING POET ERICA STEPHENS comes an unforgettable poetry collection that takes us through time to explore African-American history and achievements from beginnings in Africa to present day. Black Doves Fly to Freedom: A Book of Poems Concerning History, Struggle, and Progress is a project inspired by recurring struggles to understand and take in negative portrayals of Blackness, a personal search for identity, and a lifetime’s journey as a Black woman.