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Hiyas! I’m Melony of Paradise Cover Design. You’ve spent countless hours pouring your ideas onto the page and building a world that will transport your readers from their mundane lives into those of your fantastic characters. Now you need a book cover that will turn heads, make those potential readers stop scrolling and click on your title. With Paradise Cover Design, you get a designer who is passionate about book cover art, knowledgeable about genres, trends and tropes, and wants your book to succeed. What people are saying about Paradise Cover Design: “Working with Melony has been a delight! Such a thoughtful and organized design process. Thanks for the beautiful covers!”
“I had a blast working with Melony. I love, love, love the portal and responsiveness. Melony is also a lot of fun to communicate with on the project. She truly enjoys her work and it shows in the covers. I can’t wait to work with her again.”
“Melony is a Rockstar cover designer. My cover hit the brief and the market. Every part of the process was so professional and ‘easy’. The business of writing a book and getting it ready to be published is fraught with pitfalls. Getting a cover designer is easy; getting the ‘right’ designer is a lot more challenging. Working with Melony has been a total privilege.”
Services: Custom Cover Design, Premade Covers, Cover Banners, 3D Character Design
Other Genres: Academy, Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal Cozy
Typical Availability: 3 to 6 months

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Shadowed Heart by Candace Wondrak

Dark Reverse Harem Romance