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Suzanna Chriscoe, owner and custom cover designer for Elefont Books, is a 24-year award-winning  graphic design & advertising veteran. She has worked with self-publishing authors doing covers, formatting and more since 2016. Suzanna is an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction. Her favorite fiction genres to create covers are illustrated rom-com, romance, women’s fiction, and illustrated chick-lit. But don’t put Suzanna “in a corner”, she’s also a very established non-fiction cover designer as well. Suzanna was employed with a media company 17 years, cutting her teeth laying out newspaper and magazines, before leaving to grow her own businesses. She is the owner of a boutique marketing agency, Turnleaf Designs, that offers local small businesses branding, print|web design, and social media management. That experience bleeds over to a wealth of expertise to assist self-publishing authors affordable resources to drive sales and top-of-mind awareness to their personal brand. See more of her designs, get info for custom book covers or shop premades at elefontbooks.com

Services: Custom Cover Design,Premade Cover Design, Formatting, Logos, Branding, Websites, Social Media Consulting, Swag, and Presentation Props

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A fun guide to teaching pre-teen and teen girls about what to expect in puberty through hilarious tales, quirky anecdotes and good reason… when parents “just don’t understand.” Cover is sold pending title change, but can recreate this style to cover your book!