Yvonne Less is a cover designer from Australia and owner of “Art 4 Artists”. Over the last 20 years she taught herself how to work with the most modern computer applications. From photo manipulation and working with Photoshop, drawing with Illustrator up to working with 3D computer applications. Hard work, self-confidence and talent have brought her to whom and where she is today. She founded her business in 2015 and is working mainly on custom designs. Although she designs in lots of genres, she prefers Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and LitRPG. She is working with 3D applications and Photoshop to create unique book covers where multimedia or illustrations are suitable. Authors come to her because of her professionalism, fast turnarounds, high quality design work and they trust her imagination. She made book cover design her passion to reflect her experiences into her work.

Services: Custom & premade covers, audio covers, promotional material, merchandise designs to promote the book

Genres: , ,

Additional Genres: Space Opera, Military Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Alien Romance, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Vampire, Dark Fantasy, Post Apoc & Dystopian