Hi! I’m Jenny and I specialize in creating eye-catching book covers for breathtaking fantasy and sci-fi stories. I especially enjoy working on books that feature stories about powerful, complex women in worlds that aren’t quite like ours, and I use a combination of 3d art, photomanipulation, and digital painting to bring these stories to life. While I love creating beautiful custom art, I make all my cover design decisions with a focus on marketing first, art second. My goal is not just to create a beautiful cover you as the author love, but to create a cover that has all the elements it needs to sell your book to the right readers. After all, as beautiful as book covers can be, the best ones are ultimately in service to a single cause: inviting the right readers (the ones who will love your book) into your world to meet your characters. And at the end of the day, that is my primary goal for every book cover I create.

Services: premade and custom book covers, print and audiobook covers, blank artwork, character art

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Additional Genres: high fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, fantasy romance, young adult or YA fantasy, mythological fantasy, portal fantasy, fairytale retellings, paranormal romance (PNR), science fiction, sci-fi romance (SFR), space opera, YA sci-fi adventure

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