– Fantasy book cover designer, specialized in all fantasy genres that offers premade, custom premade and custom book cover services. – Hello, welcome and nice to meet you! My name is Evelyne, a freelancer based in Belgium (Europe) who loves to create object and character covers. My source of inspiration comes from fairytales, myths & legends, fae & fairies, fantasy warriors, witches, etc … And my works are a combination of photo bashing, photo manipulation and digital painting, combining several stock photos and 3d renders into unique and finalized book covers. And this all with a touch of magic! Visit my personal website for more examples. ​ If you are interested in going on an epic journey together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Services: Book cover design (premade, custom premade and custom), character design, marketing materials, graphic design

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Additional Genres: Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal Fantasy, Fantasy romance, Dark romance, Reverse Harem, Historical romance, YA fantasy, YA paranormal

Custom book cover design Rogue Reaper
Blind female witch with dark and black costume, surrounded with black roses
Premade cover with occult skull, moth and wings with witchy elements
Gorgeous female accompanied with 3 fantasy white wolves