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I’m Karen Dimmick. I work in Paranormal & Fantasy, specifically Paranormal Romance (PNR), Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF), and Urban Fantasy and Dark Fantasy. I do both character focused covers as well as object and typography covers. My covers have been in the top 100 of Amazon and I’ve worked with numerous USA Today Bestselling authors. I work with a blend of digital painting, 3D art and photos. I offer a zoom call at the start of a project so we’re on the same page quickly for the mockup. My clients love working with me because I’m easy to work with, communicate well and deliver on time, like you’d expect any professional to do.
Other Genres: PNR, PWF, Paracozy, UF, Dark Fantasy, Object and Typography covers for various genres
Typical Availability: 1 to 3 months

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