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A lifelong artist, Phoebe has always been drawn to digital design and typography in particular. She discovered a love for creating book covers and officially started Elemental Book Covers in 2020 to help self-publishing authors. She is an avid reader and gamer who enjoys designing for a variety of genres.

If you’re looking for a custom book cover for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, and more, get in touch! I look forward to working with you. Email: [email protected]

Services: Custom & Premade Book Cover Design, Web Banners for Social Media, Bookmark Design, Audiobook Design
Other Genres: Dystopian
Typical Availability: Less than 1 month

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My name is Phoebe, and I'm a professional book cover designer. What started as a passion for digital design grew into a profession, and now I work with authors to create eye-catching covers. My focus is on having clear communication with my clients to understand what they are looking for in their cover. I like taking the time to research genre trends, and I want to make sure I will design a cover that will sell your book. I design covers in Adobe Photoshop using photo manipulation. My specialties are fantasy and urban fantasy, but I design for many genres.