AuthorPackages is a husband and wife team with thirty years of graphic design experience and four years in interior formatting. We love that the indie-author scene is flourishing, free from the restraints of traditional publishing, but we also see the ongoing need for professional services. We believe in supporting authors, old and new, and helping them on their publishing journey. Too often, self-publishing is written off or simply not taken seriously, and this is because of the perception that books are less professionally produced, especially when it comes to cover design. The self-publishing industry is ever-changing, however, and we know how savvy and aware emerging and veteran authors can be as to what makes a professional-looking product. Our primary focus is communication, so we will ask questions and discuss concepts with you, and only request a deposit once the concept has been approved – you do not pay an up-front fee before we start working on your project. With our dedicated, friendly approach and passion for design, we believe that we offer the perfect stepping stone for those on the self-publishing path, and can’t wait to work with you.

Services: Interior formatting, editing, proofreading, author websites, custom 3D marketing image renders, merchandise design, merchandise production, handholding service for KDP and Ingram, we'll also tell jokes to cheer you up.

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Additional Genres: Chick Lit, Children's Books, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, General Fantasy, General Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, Humor, Literary Fiction, Non-fiction, Satire, Sweet Romance, Urban Fantasy