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Hey, Cover Designers! Stop depending on Facebook Groups as your only Marketing Strategy.

It’s Time for a New Way
To Promote Your Cover Design Business.

You’ve tried posting your covers in Facebook Groups, but aren’t getting the results you desire. You want a more sustainable flow of traffic to your website, and to be “booked out.” 

You’ve tried building your cover design business, but are frustrated by the results.

You are ready to market your business beyond Facebook, so you can focus on what you do best… Designing Book Covers! 


What is the Cover Designer Directory?

We are changing how Indie Authors discover Great Cover Designers— how Indie Authors discover YOU! The Cover Designer Directory is a resource authors have been begging for: an easy way to find and compare reputable, high-quality designers in one location. Listings are organized by genre so Indie Authors can find their perfect designer immediately. 

The Cover Designer Directory offers more than a designer listing… check out these benefits:

  • Cover Designer Directory Listing

    It all starts with a listing on the Cover Designer Directory itself. The directory design makes it easy for authors to find designers by genre. Each designer profile includes links to your website and socials– no middleman– you communicate with potential clients directly!

  • Marketing Q&A

    Join our occational webinars on a Teams or our private Facebook Group for a Marketing & Business Q&A. Prior sessions on-demand can be found in our Facebook Group.

  • Facebook Group with Post PreApproval

Though the goal of The Cover Designer Directory is to attract authors outside of Facebook, Facebook remains the best way to sell premade covers. Included in your membership is access to the Cover Designer Directory Facebook Group. All members will have post pre-approval.

  • Get included in additional paid advertising.

We actively use organic and paid advertising services to increase visibility in several social platforms and top search engines. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to measure if the Cover Designer Directory is working for you by seeing the number of visitors viewing your profile and visiting your website.

  • More than a Profile Listing…

    Ask any online marketer and they’ll tell you, the “money is in the list.” Translation: Email marketing still reigns supreme on the digital landscape. The Cover Designer Directory business model includes email marketing featuring designers with immediate availability and upcoming premade events. You also get access to an exclusive FB group to promote premades and events and an interview on the Cover Designer Directory Blog. Example of Interview.

    Receive an exclusive membership badge to include on your own website to stand out as a quality designer.

    Increase your organic website search traffic through SEO backlinks to our reputable website.

    And new features are added often!


The Cover Designer Directory helped me transform my business and quadruple my income. I now have nearly doubled my prices, have junior designers, and am on pace to continue to grow. Without her guidance, none of this would’ve been possible.
Sylvia Frost
The Book Brander
From marketing suggestions to honest career advice to just encouragement, Mariah has been there. Hands down, my business has benefitted tremendously from her influence. I look at her as one of the most knowledgeable cover designers in the business and her willingness to share that knowledge has been beyond generous.
In the 8 months I’ve been a member so far, I’ve had over $1,100 worth of business directly from the directory – nearly 4 times my investment. If you’re on the fence about joining, it’s a no-brainer.

What We Are Looking For…

More about vetting process: Not every designer who applies will be accepted into the Cover Designer Directory. We want to make sure we recommend professional, committed designers.


A clear understanding of book cover design, genre aesthetics, business and pricing models.

A professional and well-branded website selling cover design services.


A portfolio that shows quality and consistency.


A warning: Stretched typography equals application denial.

Pricing Plans

Honorary Membership


Upgrade at anytime

Bronze Membership


Due of the 1st of each month


Get 2 months Free!

Silver Membership


Due of the 1st of each month


Get 2 months Free!

Gold Membership


Due of the 1st of each month


Get 2 months Free!

(Purchasing the membership occurs after application approval at the current purchase price which may be different than the price shown during your application submission.)

Note: All applications will be reviewed quarterly.

Every applicant will receive a response. Declined Applications will receive a free portfolio evaluation outlining why they were denied. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have an honorary (Free) membership so you can have 1 listing on the site. Consider the more listings you have on the site the more visibility and leads you will likely receive.

A Paid membership gives you more areas to market including our social media groups and newsletters.

We need your membership. How many ads can you buy for $25/mo? How many ads can the Cover Designer Directory buy for $3000? We are more powerful as a collective. Free promotions can only get you so far. It’s time to level up.

Those not accepted into the Directory will receive an evaluation outlining what areas they need to develop as a cover designer. We want everyone to be successful in this business. You may re-apply at anytime and as often as you would like (However, this is not like playing the lottery, 1 entry at a time please)

No refunds. No guarantees.
Contact us or any of the designers in the Cover Designer Directory network and someone will be there to support and coach you on your marketing and business journey.  Results are based on your efforts and the Cover Designer Directory can’t control that, but you can. The more effort you put in, the more visibility and the more likely you get quality leads.

Ask any online marketer and they’ll tell you, the “money is in the list.” Translation: Email marketing still reigns supreme on the digital landscape. Cover Designer Directory business model includes weekly email marketing featuring, designers with immediate availability and Premade Events. You also get access to an exclusive FB group to promote premades and events and an interview on the Cover Designer Directory Blog. Example of Interview.

Marketing Chat is a month Q&A on Zoom open to all members of the Cover Designer Directory. 

Your profile will provide a report of unique visitors clicking on your covers to view your page. Then it’s up to you to measure your results for website conversions and lead conversions (Google Analytics works well for this). An annual membership for the Cover Designer Directory is approximately the same price as one custom client. So if the Directory leads to just ONE CLIENT PER YEAR, it’s paid for itself. If it leads to TWO CLIENTS PER YEAR, you’ve doubled your return on investment.

Since the Cover Designer Directory is mostly based around software, social media, and advertising (AKA technology), it only made sense for a software development and tech company to lead the Cover Designer Directory network to its next chapter. Of course we will have lots of help and input from current full time cover designers. We have been in business since 2011 developing web software for small and medium sized businesses. We have designed websites, software, video ads, photography and ran marketing campaigns within the book industry since 2013. We are familiar with all the struggles and requirements it takes to get you noticed!


Did we mention we have also partnered with a cover designer? Emma Rider of Moonstruck Cover Design & Photography will be the lead consultant on our projects. Emma has been a designer in the industry since 2016 and brings her many years of experience to the directory. Joining Emma will be several moderators with similar experiences for any Facebook or social media groups.

Is your success worth the price of one coffee per week?

Absolutely. You are worth it!