I’m Giusy D’Anna. I have been working in the field of digital graphics for 10 years. I started this creative path out of passion and as a hobby, attending professional courses. Over time I have perfected myself as a self-taught, looking for my style and my expression. In the field I have had many experiences: logos, brochures, packaging, flyers, business cards and much more. Over time I have channeled my energies into photo editing and photo design, working on book covers, posters, blackboards. In that exact field I am giving the best of myself and perhaps it is precisely for this reason that I have received so many satisfactions and gratifications. I keep myself informed about new innovative techniques. You never stop learning …

Services: I specialize in ebook and print book covers, posters, social banners, audio books, logos

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Additional Genres: despotic post-apocalyptic, paranormal, horror

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