How To

Getting started as a new member

Please take a few moments to read the sections below to familiarize yourself with all the benefits and offerings as a member of the Cover Designer Directory. Further below you will find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for detailed instructions on navigating this website. Feel free to update your profile on this website at any time. You may update your membership at anytime through this website which will take affect the first of the following month. 

Any questions can be either sent through our Contact page or directly to

We have two Facebook groups. One is aimed at authors in which you will be an authorized post creator where you can post premades and your events. For the author group when you post a premade once, a moderator can approve it for you and then set your profile to “all future posts approved”
  • some tips on getting the most reach out of a post:
    • Don’t include pricing or links in the main content
    • Put links in the first comment
    • Don’t use ($) symbols
    • Space out the numbers in the price such as: 1 5 0
The second group is a Designer Only group. Check out this group for the latest updates, recommendations to potential clients, and a place to ask fellow designers questions related to business practices. Please join our Facebook groups and check our posts and updates:

A Monthly newsletter (and Facebook post in the designer only group) will be sent out to members describing any recent announcements and the schedule/topic for the next monthly chat. The chats will typically occur on Microsoft TEAMS and live-streamed in the Facebook designer only group for recording purposes. View the Facebook Group for past events.


Below are some basic help area on how to use this website as a Designer. Click each topic to reveal the instructions.

To modify your genres do the following:
  1. Login and go to “My Pages
  2. Click “Edit” next to your designer page
  3. Choose the genres on the right side column you want an image included in. The system will only let you select the number of genres based on your membership type.
    • Note that if you have multiple author profiles then the genre count on this page is based across all pages. So you may need to remove genres then click “update” from your other page first in order to add new genres to this page.
  4. Click “update” and wait for the page to refresh
  5. Scroll to the bottom and find the genre section and then click “Add Image
  6. Here you may select a file already uploaded by you or upload a new image (drag and drop, or by clicking “Select Files”)
  7. Click “Select
  8. Repeat 5-7 for remaining genre images
  9. Click “Update” to complete
  10. Click “View Designer Profile” at the top to verify the changes.

Note: If you have multiple author profiles and you wish to remove one, then:

  1. Login and go to “My Pages
  2. Click “Edit” next to the designer page you wish to remove
  3. Verify no genres are selected. If there are selected genres, then follow the steps above to remove them and add them to another profile.
  4. Click “Move to Trash” to complete the process. 
  1. please following these steps to update your subscription:
  1. Login to the Cover Designer Directory
  2. Click “My Account
  3. Under My Membership click “Change
  4.  image.png
  5. Using the discount code instructions we sent recently, Continue on at step 5
  6. Before clicking the “Checkout with PayPal” button, verify the discount code applied. It should look like this:
  7. Check the I agree to the Terms of Use
  8. Click the Checkout with PayPal and follow through with the remaining prompts until you are back on the Cover Directory Website
  9. Last step is to click “Complete Purchase” on
    1. You should receive an email once completed (check your spam folders) showing the discount.

Follow these instructions to sign up and then at the by the start of your membership on Nov 1, 2021 your directory profile and Facebook group pre-approval will be activated: 

  1. login to the site as you normally would at (Please bookmark this for future access to modify your profile or membership)

  2. If you haven’t logged in before, it should be the email address and password you created during the application process. If you don’t remember your password, choose the “lost your password?” option to have a reset link sent to your email

  3. Once logged in, click “My Account

  4. Then click “View Membership Options

  5. Click “Choose” on your Membership choice

  6. Enter any provided Discount Code

  1. Check the I agree to the Terms of Use

  2. Click the Checkout with PayPal (it may look like you are making a purchase, but don’t worry, no money will come out until your first due date)

  3. Follow through with the remaining PayPal prompts until you are back on the Cover Directory Website

  4. Last step is to click “Complete Purchase” on

  1. You should receive an email once completed (check your spam folders) showing the discount.

On this website, go to “My Pages” and then look for the “Verified Designer Badge” section. Copy the code section.

Then on YOUR website:

If your website uses WordPress:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard (most likely
  2. Edit the area you want to include the badge which is typically either in a Post, a Page, or the Footer Widget sections 
  3. For Classic Editor go to the Text Tab to access the source code. Note: if you’re using the Gutenberg theme, navigate to the block where you want to paste the Badge Code and choose Edit as HTML
  4. Simply paste the badge code there
    how to add the review badge to your website, 3


If your website uses Wix:

Add an HTML embed section from the classic view and then paste the code into the iFrame section. Here is a quick how-to sample video: