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Hey! My Name is Rux (Ruxandra) and I am a book cover Designer specializing in various genres of Fantasy, with a hint of darkness. I create my book covers using 3D elements mixed with stock photography and digital painting, resulting in an eye-catching illustration, ready to hit the market. Themes:
  • fae
  • retelling
  • mermaids
  • witches and sorceresses 
  • mythology and the occult
  • various surreal and fantasy worlds
You have a story to tell! Let’s make sure it captivates people’s attention!
Services: Character Concept Design, Book Interior Design, Stock Resources
Other Genres: macabre and horror, surreal, conceptual
Typical Availability: 1 to 3 months

Other Genre Samples

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  • Dark Fantasy

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Book Cover illustration featuring brunette woman dressed in leather, holding two daggers.