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Suzanna Chriscoe, owner and custom cover designer for Elefont Books, is a 24-year award-winning  graphic design & advertising veteran. She has worked with self-publishing authors doing covers, formatting and more since 2016. Suzanna is an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction. Her favorite fiction genres to create covers are illustrated rom-com, romance, women’s fiction, and illustrated chick-lit. But don’t put Suzanna “in a corner”, she’s also a very established non-fiction cover designer as well. Suzanna was employed with a media company 17 years, cutting her teeth laying out newspaper and magazines, before leaving to grow her own businesses. She is the owner of a boutique marketing agency, Turnleaf Designs, that offers local small businesses branding, print|web design, and social media management. That experience bleeds over to a wealth of expertise to assist self-publishing authors affordable resources to drive sales and top-of-mind awareness to their personal brand. See more of her designs, get info for custom book covers or shop premades at elefontbooks.com
Services: Custom Cover Design,Premade Cover Design, Formatting, Logos, Branding, Websites, Social Media Consulting, Swag, and Presentation Props
Typical Availability: Less than 1 month

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New release by author Desiree Span. Dark Rockstar Romance