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My name is Ali, and I’m a hybrid author and working artist who’s been involved in the indie publishing industry since 2016. I transitioned fully into cover design in 2020, when I realized that making covers was my favorite part of publishing. After two years of working for a well-known studio under an amazing lead designer, I decided to scale down and open my own small space again. My focus is on romance and romantic subgenres. 

My cover design philosophy is best described as small-batch. I like thoughtful design that hits genre expectations, but leaves room for an author’s individuality to shine through. I love Easter eggs, but not at the expense of targeting markets. That said, I love watching the evolution of specific genres, too. And I think the right flex at the right time can be game-changing.

When I’m not working on premades or covers, I’m generally on my tablet making bookish stickers, taking classes, reading steamy monster romance, or hanging out with family and friends.

Services: Book Cover Design, Author Branding, Marketing Materials
Other Genres: SFR, Monster Romance (composite, not illustrated), Dark Romance, RH, Sweet/Clean, Contemporary Romance
Typical Availability: Less than 1 month

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  • Fantasy Romance
  • Paranormal Romance

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There’s a little drool on your lip there… Hang on. One of these guys will GET. IT. OFF!

Right before he flexes his fine, fiery… wings (of course wings) and saves you from a bad daddy/boss/ex.