Suzanna Chriscoe, the owner of Elefont Books, is a 24-year graphic design & advertising veteran. A local, state, and national award-winning designer, Suzanna was employed with a large media company for 17 years, starting as an assistant and reaching the regional art director position before leaving to grow her own business.

Suzanna has been building indie author covers and formatting under her boutique ad agency, Turnleaf Designs, since 2016. With the changes Covid-19 created in the industry, Suzanna was given the opportunity to pivot her business and grow what she loved most – working with books.

Suzanna brings from her agency a wealth of experience with business, marketing, and social media management. Working with a plethora of clientele, Suzanna enjoys using her education and skills to teaching other small businesses how to use good branding, consistency, and marketing tools to stand out. Through logo design, branding, web design, and social media planning, Suzanna and Elefont Books can help market your books from teaser to top sellers list.

In addition, we’ve partnered with Aimee Walker Editorial to offer 1st Draft to Done – a one-stop-shop for indie authors.

Services: Custom Cover Design,Premade Cover Design, Formatting, Logos, Branding, Websites, Social Media Consulting, Swag, and Presentation Props

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Additional Genres: Non-Fiction